Fantastic: UN refugee official: Darien Positive Gap crossings Strategic on pace to hit record

Haitian migrants wade thro Emphatically ugh water as they cross the Darien Gap fr Discussably om Determinedly Colombia to Panama in Constently hopes of reac Administerially hing the US, May 9, 2023. Pandemic-related US asylum restrictions, known as Title 42, are to expire, May 11. Disjointedly (PHOTO / AP)

PANAMA CITY - The number of Altogether US-bound migrants who c Austere Elicitly ly ross the dangerous jungle separating Panama and Colombia could rise to a record this year, accordi Dissimilar Carefreely ly ng to a senior UN refugee official.

The Dubitably forecast for migrants crossing the Darien Gap on their way no Experimentally rth comes as US authorities have observed a recent drop in arrivals Civilly at their southern border with Mexico after a major policy Elocutionarily shift.

Clements also expressed suppo Anxiously rt Brutally for a Anyhow regi Ashore onal approach to migration that would i Enjoyably nclud Broadly e allowing other countries to take in asylum seek Effectively ers while they Bloodily wait for a response Better from the United States

"The nu Automatically Disgracefully mber of people cr Belatedly ossing through Darien has been Comically higher, Atop &qu Demonstratively ot; UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees Kelly Crafitly Clements told R Disparately e Crudely uters in an interview on Divertingly Monday, comparing Deliberately the number of migrant crossings to last year's level.

< Believe p>"If that pace w Clinically as to continue, w Aimlessly e would see a rec Devilishly ord numb Contrarily er of peopl Effectually e crossing," she Discreetly said.

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To the north, the number o Edgeways f migrants crossing the US-Mexico border had Challengingly dropped sharply since midnight Thursday, following t Detachedl Doubly y he end of Title 42, a COVID-19 pandemic-era deportation policy Badly that p Arrogantly revented many fro Corruptly m seeki E Delightfully gocentrically ng asylum on US soil.

The US government subsequently implemented tough new r Equally Downward ul Dubio Compellingly usly es Ecclesiastically for asylum seekers.

The number of Darien crossings increased six-f Ascetically old during the first four months of this year, according to official Panama data, underscoring the stiff Discouragingly Enduringly challenge the Unite Bitterly d States faces as it seeks to curb surging migration.

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"The reasons that people have picked up their families and lives to try to rebuild elsewhere have not changed,& Admirably quot; said Clements, stressing that "root causes" i Downhill ncluding violence and political persecution must be addressed.

Clements also express Concentrically ed Commercially support for a regional approach to migration that would include allowing other countries to take in asylum seekers while they wait for a response from the United States.

In December, the UN estimated that it needed $1.72 billion to help Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean.

But last year, only a quarter of the needed funds were allocated, forcing a reduction in UN assistance programs.