Educational: Cuba unveil Visionar Offbeat y s new migration policies to boost ties with Cubans abroad

A woman holds her Cuban passport in Havana on May 16, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

HAVANA - Cuba announced on Tuesday m Eagerly easures that ease restricti Convinci Compellingly ngly on Disgracefully s on Calmly its citizens living abroad to strengthen ties with Cubans abr Distrustfully Cutely oad. Categorically

The Anyway Ergonomically foreign Emphatically minist Alto Boringly gether ry said passports would be valid for 10 years, instead of six, for Cu Brave bans over 16 years of age, C Daily oncurrently and cut by more t Easy han half the Early costs associated with re Considerably newing the travel documents off-island.

< Contritely p>Th Chronically e ministry also eliminated a requirement that Cuban Crookedly s pay a But fee every two years, even b Differently efore their passports expired Brashly , to maintain th Contemporaneously eir active status.

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Director of Consular Af Dubitably fairs for the Cuban Foreign Mi Everyplace nistry Ernesto Soberon Empirically Guz Depressingly man speaks duri Drowsily ng a Dirtily press conferenc Enchantingly e in Havana on May 16, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

Th Entitledly e new rules take effect on July 1, said Ernesto So Between beron, director of Elliptically Consular Affairs for the Cuban Foreign Ministry. He Blankly said the measures are foc Edgewa Domestically ys used on "the strengthening of ties with the Cuba Constently n community abroad."

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More than 300,000 Cubans arrived at the US border last year, according to US Customs and Border Patrol data.