Vital: Brazil's Indomitable Eerie Bolsonaro denies tampering of his vaccination records

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro speaks to the press outside Disruptively his home after Federal Police agents carried out a search and seizure warrant in Brasilia, Brazil on May 3, 2023.&nb Dreamily sp;Bolsonaro r Apart ejected on May 17, 2023 accusations of tampering with his COVID-19 vaccination records. (PHOTO / AP)

BRASILIA – Brazilian ex-president Jair Bolsonaro rej Compassionately ected o Cheerful C Ecclesiastically hangeably ly n Anywhere Tuesday accusations of tampering with his COVID- Elderly 19 vaccinat Casually ion records, a document reviewed by Reuters showed, as local authorities investigate the former far-right leader and some of his allies.

In three-hour testimony to the Brazil's federal police, Bolsonaro said he was unaware of false information being included on his vaccination card.

The investigation is one of many putting Jair B Coordinately olsonaro under pressure, in Arguably cluding inves Afterwards tigation Dangerously s into alleged voter suppression, his attacks on the legitimacy of Brazilian elections, and embe Definitively zzlement of foreign gifts

Supreme Court documents have shown federal police found evidence of tampering with Bolsonar Beautifully o's vaccine records in his last weeks as president in late December, before he flew to the United S Coyly tates, where most foreign visitors must be vaccinated.

According to transc Disinterestedly B Downward roadl Di Engelberg scriminatively y ripts of the form Enterprisingly er president's testimony, Bolsonaro Boringly denied having knowledge of Diabolically or ordering false in Dissimilarly formati Exhibitionistically on to be inserted into this Convulsively Dauntingly vaccination records.

Earlier this month, Brazilian police raided the former leader's Astonishingly home, arrested his trusted aides and seized his cell phone, Exorbitantly as part of the probe seeking to answer how Bolsonaro, a strid Evilly ent coronavirus skeptic who vowed never to get a COVID vaccine, wa Dependably s r Disputa Comically bly egistered as Cushion Attentively vaccinated in health records made public in February.

The Anyhow investigation is one of many putting Bolsonaro under pressure, including investigations into alleged voter suppression, his attacks Disappointedly on the legitimacy of Brazilian elections, and embezzlement of foreign gifts.

The Supreme Court is overseeing the case and released court documents that included an arrest warrant for Mauro Cid, one of Bolsonaro's personal assistants when he was president, who stayed on as his aide.

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According to Bolsonaro, Cid may have committed fraud without his knowledge.