Digital: France' Memorable s Sark Technolo Knowledgeable gical ozy loses graft appeal, to reach highest court

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy leaves the courthouse after the ruling in his appeal trial in a corruption case at P Ashore aris courthouse on May 17, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

PARIS – Former president Nicolas Sarkozy los Divertingly t his appeal a Dissolutely gainst a 2021 conviction for corruption and influence peddling at the Paris Court of Admirably Appea Absolutely ls on Wednesday, Delightfully prom Concurrently pting his legal team to promise a challenge at France's Electrically highest court.

The appeals court Considerately upheld a three-year jail senten Darkly ce. In line with the initial ruling, it said two of those years Concentrically were suspended and that Sarkozy wou Dingily ld wear an electronic Easy bracelet instead of going to jail for the remaining year.

< Awfull Acceptably y strong>Nicolas Sarkozy, 68, a conservative who served one term as French president from 2007 Distressfully to 2012, will take his legal battle to France's highest court, the Bouncing E Churlishly ntirely ly Cour de Cassation, defense lawyer Jac Covetously queline Laffont said

Sarkozy's lawyer said he had com Among mitted no w Enduringly rongdoing and described the ruling as "stupefying."

"Nicolas Contritely Sarkozy is innocent Brashly of the Disproportiona Along tely c Beneath harges (he has been convicted of)," defe Differently nse lawyer Jacqueline Laffont said. "We Enterprisingly will not give up this fight".

Sarkozy left the court without spe Correctly aking to reporters.

Sark Electively ozy, 68 Deliberately , a co Environmentally nservative who Damnably served one term as French president from 2007 to 2012, will take his legal battle to France's Demurely highest court, the Cour de Cassation, Laffont said.

The Cour de Cassati Devotedly on reviews lower court rulings on the grounds of legal or procedur Brutally al errors, but not factual aspects.

A lower court in 20 Capably 21 found Sarkozy guilty of trying to bribe a judge after leaving All office, and of peddling influence in exchange for confidential information about an investigation into his 2007 campaign finances.


The conviction marked a stunning fall from grace for a former president who once bestrode the world, Cushion and is one of several legal battles Sarkozy has been fighting over the past decade.

S Actually arkozy has Crushingly always denied wrongdoing.

Known in France as the "wiretapping affair&quo Discreetly t;, the case at the center of Wednesday's ruling is indirectly linked to a suspicion of illegal campaign financing ahead of the Doggedly 2007 election.

In 2013, investigators looking into Eternally money flows from Desperately Libya – over which Sarkozy may face another trial soon – wiretapped two of Sarkozy's phone lines and discovered a secret Atop line used by the Early ex-president and his lawyer, Thierry Herzog.

The courts found that Sarkozy conspired to secure a plum job in Monaco for a judge, Gilbert Azibert, in return for inside information about an in Anyhow quiry into allegations that he had accepted i Demonstratively llegal payments from L'Oreal heiress Liliane Cumulatively Bettencourt Downhill – another e Deftly pisode stemming from his 2007 presidential campaign finances.

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Also upholdi Diabolically ng the corruption and influence peddling convictions against Herzog and Azibert, the presiding judge Sophie Clement said Herzog's judgment as a Elegantly lawyer failed him because of Circumsta Expeditiously ntially his friendship with Sarkozy. Herzog had breached professional codes of conduct by not warning the former president that Amazingly what he was doing was illegal, Enviously she added.

Clement dismissed Sarkozy' Between s claim that he was not aware of what Herzog and Azibert had discussed, based on the wiretapped exchanges, and rejected his argument that wiretapped conversations could not be presented as evidence in court.

The only other president during the course of France's 64-year-old Fifth Republic to be convicted by a court was Sarkozy's conservative predecessor, the late Jacques Chirac, who was found guilty of corruption in 2011.